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These sample reports are based on actual Rauch Associates custom research projects but have been abridged for simplicity and clarity. The information appearing in sample reports has been altered to obscure the identity of the actual companies and products involved in the study. With the exception of common products and operating systems, all data and company and product names are fictitious. For simplicity, the level of detail appearing in sample reports has also been reduced from that in the original studies.

The available sample reports relating to Software are listed below.

Mobile Device Management Competitive Analysis - This report analyzes the pricing structures (including list prices and discounts for both SMB and large enterprise customers) support agreement structure, and pricing for premium add-ons for a leading MDM products supplier.
Mobile Device and Application Management Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis regarding the mobile device and application management solutions from a leading supplier in the space. The analysis includes a description of the features/capabilities offered, development roadmap, how the competitor positions it MDM/MAM offering, and BYOD strategy.
Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing Services Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis regarding the managed and cloud computing services offered in the United States and EMEA by a major services competitor. The analysis includes line item pricing for several managed hosting platforms and value-add options including price discounting structures (volume and/or length of contract), best and final pricing, overall SLA terms, and value added services for NAS/SAN, DNS Management, data Backups, managed DBA services, Active Directory services, LDAP services and HA clustering services, and virtualization services. The cloud portion of the analysis includes pricing structures for cloud resources (set up fees, contract terms, term discounts, etc.) as well as add on services such as firewall and security services, VPN connectivity, load balancing, application licensing & management, SLAs, and predefined bundles of compute, memory, storage, bandwidth, etc.
Content Management Competitive Analysis - This report presents the updated results of an analysis regarding the US-based content management services (content services includes data conversion, digitization, XML services, pre-press and composition, authoring and editorial services, localization/globalization and XML translation services) from a major content services provider.
SaaS Pricing Competitive Analysis - This analysis takes a detailed look at the software as a service (SaaS) packaging of human resources management software by a leading supplier. In addition to providing details on SaaS including pricing model/structure, minimum contract terms and any price breaks offered for longer contract terms, a description of the SaaS implementation process and fees, up front costs associated with getting a SaaS implementation started, etc., the analysis also provides a detailed look at the corresponding pricing and terms for the licensed version of the software including how it is positioned against the SaaS version.
Server Operating System Competitive Analysis - This report evaluates the pricing, product structure, licensing, warranty and support for a key system manufacturers proprietary operating system (OS) and corresponding and standalone layered software. The key functions and pricing of the OS based products are mapped and evaluated in comparison to corresponding client operating environment and standalone layered applications. The report provides feature function details in a variety of areas including the operating environment at the foundation, enterprise, mission-critical, and layered applications levels. In addition, drill down details are provided on product structure, features, licensing, pricing, and packaging, discounting and channels, and regional practices in each of the territories U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Latin America.
Service Impact and Event Management Software Competitive Analysis - This report details the Service Impact and Event Management (SIM) product components offered by a key middleware supplier to large enterprise customers. The analysis details US pricing structures and strategy (how the products are licensed such as per managed node, per operator/user, etc., standard list prices, discounting strategies and discount levels including typical street prices, quantity breaks and volume discounts, the extent to which certain products are bundled) along with the competitor’s SIM solution positioning and messaging, architecture breakdown and key functionality, key product weaknesses, key differentiators, etc.
Help/Service Desk System Competitive Pricing Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the overall US software pricing structure and discounting, pricing philosophy, maintenance cost structure and general terms and conditions for the help and service desk management offerings from several competitors. Pricing details include a description of the typical components of how each competitor sells/markets its product, pricing structures and strategy for system maintenance, and services pricing (e.g. in terms of typical percentages of license cost, etc.) for the services involved in configuring and installing the offerings.
Wireless Handset Enabling Software Competitive Analysis - This report delves into the details of the software development tools offered by major wireless chipset manufacturers to enable the use of the handsets developed with the chipsets. Specifically, the report describes the software stacks each competitor includes with its silicon, which operating system targets (e.g. MSFT-SP, Symbian/S60, Linux, Savaje/Java, etc.) are supported, application roadmaps, promotional programs, and charts to compare the different offerings from each competitor to one another.
EAM System Pricing for Public Works and Utilities Companies - This report presents the results of the pricing metrics (price) and methods (user based pricing, asset based, etc.) employed by a leading provider of GIS-based Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management Systems for Public Works and Utilities companies. In particular, the analysis provides details on the pricing model for these EAM products including a description of all available license models, list prices, volume discount structures, per asset fees, CPU-based fees, user based fees (e.g. named, concurrent, etc.), Web-based/thin client fees, and software maintenance fees.
Manufacturing Execution Software Competitive Analysis - This report details the pricing and licensing structures for the Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) from a leading provider of enterprise manufacturing execution and quality systems software sold to discrete manufacturing companies. The analysis includes information on key messaging and positioning, main perceived competition, strategic direction and future investments, and detailed pricing for the company's MES software, maintenance and support fees and options, and implementation fees and options.
SaaS Auto Dealer Services Competitive Analysis - This report analyzes the Software as a Service (SaaS) version of a major auto dealer management system software manufacturer with an emphasis on how the pricing and features of this SaaS offering differ from the licensed version of the software.
Help Desk Management System Competitive Profile Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis to determine the strategy, pricing and service structure policies for the main competitive help desk products from each of five help desk software companies.
System Management Feature, Structure, and Pricing Analysis - This report compares the features, structures and pricing of competing system management software applications available from three solution vendors. The report includes in-depth information regarding specific, detailed product features, overall product structure, integration among product components, distribution and pricing.

Help Desk/Mobile Device Management Competitive Analysis - This analysis explores the pricing offered for Help Desk (HD) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to telecommunications companies by a leading telecom expense management (TEM) provider. The report includes details on the specific MDM elements offered, the real-time cost management capabilities of the product, and the pricing structure for the competitor's on-demand and software offerings.
HR and Payroll System Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis regarding the hosted and licensed pricing, implementation, and sales process employed by select competitors in the Payroll and Human Resources market space
Pipeline Scheduling/Management Competitive Analysis - This report looks at the marketing/sales strategies, sales operations, pricing, and implementation processes from a key developer of pipeline scheduling and management software sold to the oil and gas industry.
Managed Security Services Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the Managed Security Services (MSS) offerings of a major competitor. The analysis includes details on customer base, pricing and contracts, features and functions, staffing and training, sales and channel strategy, and future outlook as well as details on the capacity, staffing, and failover capability of the competitor's Security Operations Centers (SOC's).
IT Service Management Competitive Analysis - Derived from a 150 page report that examined the feature/function details of an IT Service Management (ITSM) offering from a major software vendor, this sample report summarizes the original report version that included a 25-page Product Overview and Roadmap, a 15-page analysis of the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) capabilities of the offering, a service management platform features/capabilities section, a 17-page discovery technical product features/capabilities section, and features/capabilities sections on process technical capabilities, OMP integration, service catalog capabilities, and asset management technical capabilities.
Channel Based Software Support Competitive Analysis - This report details the worldwide overall software support offered through channel partners in each of four regions (Americas, EMEA, APAC, and Japan) by major competitors that design and develop enterprise system management solutions. The analysis includes descriptions of how each competitor regulates access to and use of online support/services knowledge resources by partners and their end-users, the value and effectiveness of online information and collaboration systems/tools used by each competitor and its partners including how each competitor’s partners evaluate the effectiveness of the systems and tools that the competitor supplies to them, the support and service sales and delivery roles performed by each competitor’s channel partners, and each competitor’s reseller program compensation models, drivers, and incentives for channel partners.
Configuration Management Software Competitive Feature Analysis - This report evaluates the feature details of the CMDB (Configuration Management Database) management offerings from each of several enterprise middleware competitors. The analysis drills down into the actual (as opposed to marketing hype) CMDB capabilities and offerings each competitor has in the key CMDB technology areas of federation, reconciliation, data model, and integration as well as assessing key competitive differentiators and how each competitor prices and packages its CMDB offering.
Business Management Software Competitive Analysis - This analysis documents how a leading maker of business management software (e.g. accounting, project management and business development) plans to transition its legacy customers from an older, outdated platform to its newest platform as well as any plans the competitor has to offer its business management software under an SaaS model.
Risk and Compliance Management System Competitive Analysis - This analysis looks at the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) offering from a major risk and compliance management software vendor. The comprehensive report includes sections on customer base, pricing and contracts, detailed feature/function descriptions, future outlook, and a complete product demonstration with screen shots and associated descriptions.
Enterprise Security Management Software Product Demo - This report presents the results of having a target competitor's sales and technical staff deliver a series of custom product demonstrations so as to illustrate the features, capabilities, and workflow of a competitor's product. The report captures all significant screen shots in each demo and provides notes on all descriptions, explanations, and discussions during each demo.
Enterprise Software US Channel Supply Chain Pricing Competitive Analysis - This analysis documents the pricing and compensation structure offered to enterprise software competitors through the reseller and distribution channel and includes tabulated details on product MSRP and manufacturers discount structure, average street price, costs and benefits typically offered to distributors (e.g. disti cost, margin, ASP, manufacturer’s rebates, MDF funds offered, SPIFF program offerings) as well as costs and benefits typically offered to resellers (e.g. typical street price, customer rebates, vendor rebate, MDF, Deal Reg, SPIFF, etc.)
Electronic Design Automation Software Tool Analysis - This analysis, performed for a leading manufacturer of electronic design automation software, examines the features and pricing structure of a comparable Place-and-Route line of EDA tools from a competitive company. The analysis also deals with average selling prices, customer purchase patterns, and market trends.
Enterprise Asset Management Software Market Analysis - This analysis presents a sampling of the results from a report focused on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. The report gives in-depth information on the EAM structure, marketing/sales strategies, sales operations, product pricing, customer base profile, implementation and product strategy for specified companies and products.
Desktop Management Software Pricing Analysis - Performed for a leading enterprise software vendor, this analysis examines the pricing strategies and implementation tactics of several competitive vendors in order to provide a marketplace cost comparison for each product.
Retail Goods Distribution Management Software Market Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the manufacturing management and system management software targeted to Retail Good Distributors (RGD) manufacturers from several target competitors. In particular, the analysis focuses on each competitor's RGD business philosophy, sales organization structure, and market strategy.

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