Health and Medicine Sample Reports

You can select up to "sanitized" versions of actual Rauch Associates custom research reports. Reports can be selected from any combination of Market Segments and/or Study Types. When you have finished selecting the reports you would like to review, select Order Selected Sample Reports. Reports will be delivered to you via EMail in PDF format.

These sample reports are based on actual Rauch Associates custom research projects but have been abridged for simplicity and clarity. The information appearing in sample reports has been altered to obscure the identity of the actual companies and products involved in the study. With the exception of common products and operating systems, all data and company and product names are fictitious. For simplicity, the level of detail appearing in sample reports has also been reduced from that in the original studies.

The available sample reports relating to Health and Medicine are listed below.

Pharmacy Management Systems Competitive Analysis - This report presents drill-down feature details of the pharmacy management software system product from a leading supplier of such systems. A subset of the original 150-page analysis, this sample outlines the detail in the report including separate sections on company information (revenues, growth rate, employee breakdown), product information (product structure, distribution strategy, installed base characteristics), technology details (platforms supported, technical requirements), as well as additional sections detailing central system functionality/information management, central solution accounting reporting, site use and functionality, long term care capabilities, and references and pricing.
Drug Sampling Provider Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis regarding the materials distribution capabilities for drugs, drug samples (all forms including Rx drugs, controlled substances, over-the-counter, etc.) and other materials such as drug literature, etc. from a leading full-service pharmaceutical marketing services firm. The report looks at the competitor's key differentiators/advantages in the drug sampling space, what types of fulfillment programs are offered, what type of order processing system is used (as well as the extent to which these systems are used for literature, premium items, drug samples, etc.), what types of on-line systems are offered with the company's services, and the cost structure associated with purchasing the company's services.
Medication Packager Systems Competitor Customer Survey Analysis - Hospital customers that selected the automated dispensing system (ADM) product from one of several specified competitors were interviewed to measure their opinions and attitudes with regard to which brand they preferred, how the ADM fit into their pharmacy workflow and how the ADM contributed to overall patient safety. The report also contains a question-by-question analysis and summary of how the hospital customers responded complete with statistics and deviations in responses to certain types of questions.
Healthcare Equipment Professional Services Competitive Analysis - This report evaluates the service offerings and list and street pricing structure (e.g. T&M, fixed costs, services rates, package deals, etc.) for a major manufacturer of CR, PACS, and diagnostic imaging equipment including implementation services offerings, and other professional services such as PACS systems administrator training, clinical user and referring physician training, workflow audit and re-engineering, network analysis, design and validation, high availability services, security/HIPAA assessment, storage consultancy, desktop integration, data migration, and electronic medical records (EMR) integration.
Healthcare and Insurance Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis to obtain information regarding the strategic initiatives that a major vendor of customized healthcare (e.g. clinical tracking systems) and insurance (e.g. end-to-end administration systems which include e-insurance, e-claims, and CRM) products is deploying, including how the competitor is structured to meet the needs of the healthcare and insurance market segments, their sales and marketing models, and their strategy for engaging customers in the healthcare and insurance market segments.

Patient Monitoring/Diagnostic Cardiology Products Sales Operations Competitive Analysis - This analysis focuses on the US-based sales operations related to Patient Monitoring Products and Diagnostic Cardiology Products from major medical systems suppliers. The report contains details of where and how each competitor has set up its US sales regions for these product areas, descriptions of the number, type, and regional distribution of specialists responsible for each of the above product areas, the mix of sales by region that is served direct vs. through resellers, and details on each competitor's sales process.
Health Care Data and Information Services Competitive Analysis - This analysis examines the de-identified patient-centric, longitudinal data and other health care information and services provided by a major health care information company. The report examines the company's mission and vision statement with regard to the pharma industry, the kind of data information the company provides, and the basic cost structure for sale of the data on healthcare professionals as well as the cost structure of any consulting services that are offered around the data.
Life Science Instrumentation Services Competitive Analysis - This report evaluates the repair and support services offerings for life sciences instruments (such as DNA Resequencing machines, Protein Sequencing machines, etc.) from a key life sciences equipment manufacturer in each of the regions North America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The analysis includes what the competitor’s instrument services offerings entail, the list and street pricing structure (e.g. T&M, fixed costs, services rates, package deals, etc.) for each of the services, competitor revenue, and how the competitor is selling and positioning the services to customers.
Medication Packager Systems Customer Survey Analysis - This analysis details interviews with 20 hospital customers that selected the medical pocket and drawer product from one of several competitors. Hospital pharmacy directors and floor nurses were asked to characterize their pharmacy/workflow patterns and their likes/dislikes of drug dispensing equipment in the context of system flexibility/modularity, single dose dispensing, overall system performance and reliability, tracking/reporting, and patient safety.
ECG Centralized Services Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the 12-Lead Electrocardio-graphic (ECG) Centralized Services in support of the pharmaceutical, biotech and device research and development industry offered by a key medical services supplier. The analysis includes extensive detail on the makes and models of ECG machines that are offered and on how medical data to/from these machines is delivered and processed.

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