Retail and Consumer Sample Reports

You can select up to "sanitized" versions of actual Rauch Associates custom research reports. Reports can be selected from any combination of Market Segments and/or Study Types. When you have finished selecting the reports you would like to review, select Order Selected Sample Reports. Reports will be delivered to you via EMail in PDF format.

These sample reports are based on actual Rauch Associates custom research projects but have been abridged for simplicity and clarity. The information appearing in sample reports has been altered to obscure the identity of the actual companies and products involved in the study. With the exception of common products and operating systems, all data and company and product names are fictitious. For simplicity, the level of detail appearing in sample reports has also been reduced from that in the original studies.

The available sample reports relating to Retail are listed below.

Consumer Marketing Expenditure Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the current worldwide cost structures of and corresponding market focus areas of a major manufacturer of consumer grade printers in each of three regions North America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The analysis includes breakdowns of regional and worldwide total marketing expenses (including both people and program costs) in each of the expense areas advertising, public relations, sponsorships, online (website), packaging POS/merchandising, events, CRM, category demand generation, and retailer demand generation funding.
Retail Fire Protection Product Organizational and Marketing Expenditures Competitive Analysis - This analysis presents organizational charts depicting the structure, overall headcount and revenue responsibility of the sales (e.g. direct reps, tele-reps, channel reps, etc.) and marketing (e.g. strategic planning, program management, alliance/partner management, intelligence, communication, events) organization of a leading manufacturer of residential fire protection products (e.g. fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and ladders) as well as where they reside (e.g. centrally at HQ, distributed within geographies or business units, etc.). The analysis also details marketing budgets and spending (broken out by awareness, brand generation, and enablement programs) by channel as well as the company's product development strategy.
Consumer Electronic Manufacturer Sales Channel and Org Structure Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis to obtain information regarding the sales channel and organizational structure of a major consumer electronics manufacturer. The analysis includes overall product pricing structure, basic trade terms and credit programs, and the scope and organizational structure of US marketing operations.

Retail Loss Prevention System Competitive Analysis - This report examines the retail loss prevention system from a leading software company whose stated mission is to deliver best-of-breed products and services to reduce shrinkage and improve retail performance. In the analysis, the size and operational structure of the company is explored along with the company's product architecture, key features, sales differentiators and product support structure.
Consumer Digital Camera Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis to obtain information regarding product supply and promotional issues for a specific model of digital camera offered by a major consumer electronics manufacturer. In particular, the study looks at the extent to which advertising was pulled from retailers citing shortage of supply of product, the extent to which the apparent product shortage was part of a planned product clearance to make way for new introductions, and an assessment of the competitors future plans and intentions in the digital camera market in the US.
Retail Goods Distribution Management Software Market Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the manufacturing management and system management software targeted to Retail Good Distributors (RGD) manufacturers from several target competitors. In particular, the analysis focuses on each competitor's RGD business philosophy, sales organization structure, and market strategy.

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