Finance and Law Sample Reports

You can select up to "sanitized" versions of actual Rauch Associates custom research reports. Reports can be selected from any combination of Market Segments and/or Study Types. When you have finished selecting the reports you would like to review, select Order Selected Sample Reports. Reports will be delivered to you via EMail in PDF format.

These sample reports are based on actual Rauch Associates custom research projects but have been abridged for simplicity and clarity. The information appearing in sample reports has been altered to obscure the identity of the actual companies and products involved in the study. With the exception of common products and operating systems, all data and company and product names are fictitious. For simplicity, the level of detail appearing in sample reports has also been reduced from that in the original studies.

The available sample reports relating to Finance and Law are listed below.

Remittance Payment Processing Financial Software Competitive Analysis - This analysis focuses on a major provider that specializes in developing and delivering financial software and services for mission-critical payment, transaction and document processing. The analysis profiles the company's business operations and revenues, documents the customer experience when purchasing the product, and outlines the pricing and terms for purchase of the product.
Investment Management Software Competitive Analysis - This analysis evaluates the investment management software offered to investment managers by several portfolio accounting and performance reporting solution competitors. The report looks at the delivery model (e.g. Web-based, CD-ROM based, enterprise systems such as networked version, site licenses, etc.) of each competitor's solutions as well as the types of user-entered data each competitor's investment management software system supports, training provided, future plans, and strategic alliances or partnerships with other complementary software partners to provide data or support for the competitors' investment management software.
Legal Matter & Contract Management Competitive Analysis - This report presents an analysis a hosted e-billing, legal matter and contract management, and on-demand reporting service from a leading supplier of online services to law firms. The report examines the main out-of-the-box features and capabilities (i.e. the standard services) of the service including screen shots of the product as well as a description of any optional features. The analysis also documents the pricing model employed for the service including individual hosted services fees, per user fees (named, concurrent, etc.), matter based price, Web-based/thin client fees, etc.
Business Management Software Competitive Analysis - This analysis documents how a leading maker of business management software (e.g. accounting, project management and business development) plans to transition its legacy customers from an older, outdated platform to its newest platform as well as any plans the competitor has to offer its business management software under an SaaS model.
Financial Services CRM Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the customer relationship management (CRM) solutions targeted to the Financial Services Industry by a key software supplier. In addition to how the competitor positions its products and services the report examines the performance/service level agreements/guarantees (PLA/SLA’s) offered to customers, sales processes, technical architecture, and both street and list pricing details for software application components and maintenance, hosting services, costs for data migration/conversion, professional services costs for implementation, and technical support structure and pricing.

Portfolio Accounting Solution Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the portfolio accounting solution (managed account platform) offered by a leading enterprise software company providing managed accounts solutions to the financial services industry. The report evaluates the workflow capabilities in the competitor's portfolio accounting solution as well as details on how the system handles trade order management, compliance, settlement market interfacing, and performance analytics as well as the pricing structures associated with each.
Investment Portfolio Management Competitive Analysis - This report details the business, strategy, market positioning, pricing and products of a major multi-national investment management company. The analysis looks at the company's investment management division revenue by segment (enterprise software, STP & market data investment, professional services), a description of the company's strategic direction (both short and long-term), market positioning, pricing, and product description.
Legal Matter Management Competitive Analysis - This report details the features and functionality of a leading legal matter management solution that is sold to independent law firms and corporate law departments. The analysis examines the product's key strengths and capabilities as well as presenting screen shots and descriptions of key functional areas including management tools, matter management screens, expense management screens, document management screens, etc. as well as the licensing and other pricing details associated with the product, its implementation, and support.
Securities and Capital Markets Competitive Analysis - This analysis documents the important business influencers at several financial services companies that offer their services in the major segments of (1) brokerage, mutual funds, and life insurance and annuities for individuals, (2) investment banking and capital market services to corporations, institutions, and governments, and (3) worldwide asset management. The analysis includes the companies' top customers, top third party vendors and the approximate amount purchased from each, the top software applications (in-house or bought) used at each competitor including the platforms on which they are used and estimates of growth and revenue in each segment.

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