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Founded in 1994, Rauch Associates is a Silicon Valley research firm specializing in gathering competitive intelligence information in sophisticated B2B environments. Our clients include some of industry's leading technology (systems, software, web, networking, telecom, etc.), manufacturing, retail, health, finance, and insurance companies.

Analyst Staff Expertise

Rauch Associates' in-house staff comprises members whose educational experience includes the degrees of B.S., M.S., MBA, and Ph.D. and who have extensive experience in:

Product marketing including the establishment of world wide pricing, customer training seminars, product roll out, and positioning strategy
Product marketing management including market analysis and business plan development
Coordination of go-to market plans and activities including product definition, cost analysis, strategic planning for product distribution, and pricing

Since its founding Rauch Associates has performed hundreds of custom competitive research projects including:

Analyses of channel prices, marketing programs, and polices for a variety of products and services, focusing on specific product offerings for a variety of competitors and including details such as tabular pricing matrices indicating a manufacturer's suggested list prices, general street prices as well as prices offered to distributors, resellers, and OEM customers as a function of volume
Analyses relating to the sales, marketing, advertising and promotional structure of various competitors including analyses of variable marketing expenses, promotional expenses and fixed marketing expenses including marketing expenses for marketing personnel, and over multiple geographic regions including the US and Canada, Latin America, Japan, the Pacific Rim, and Europe
Administration of a variety of high-end Customer Survey Analyses questionnaires to customers and prospective customers in order to determine the criteria used by each customer to make purchase decisions for the client's products or competitor's products. These questionnaires are designed to probe the detailed reasons for the customer's ultimate purchase decision including their likes and dislikes of both the products and vendors under consideration.
Analyses requiring evaluation of the market penetration strategy of major competitors including their positioning, product shipment data, sales channels employed, channel policies and programs, and terms and conditions offered to customers and resellers