Manufacturing Sample Reports

You can select up to "sanitized" versions of actual Rauch Associates custom research reports. Reports can be selected from any combination of Market Segments and/or Study Types. When you have finished selecting the reports you would like to review, select Order Selected Sample Reports. Reports will be delivered to you via EMail in PDF format.

These sample reports are based on actual Rauch Associates custom research projects but have been abridged for simplicity and clarity. The information appearing in sample reports has been altered to obscure the identity of the actual companies and products involved in the study. With the exception of common products and operating systems, all data and company and product names are fictitious. For simplicity, the level of detail appearing in sample reports has also been reduced from that in the original studies.

The available sample reports relating to Manufacturing are listed below.

CNC Turning Centers Competitive Analysis - This report represents the results of an analysis regarding the US sales volume, prices, and sales terms from each of the CNC turning center machine tools manufacturer's competitors and corresponding product models from each of the three competitors
Laser Diode Competitive Pricing Analysis - An analysis regarding the pricing structure of specified laser diode products (laser modules at various wavelengths) from several competitors and distributors
Wide Format Solvent-Based Fluids Technology Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the piezo-electric solvent-based fluids technology from a leading chemical company targeted at the wide/grand format print system market. The report includes pricing strategies, identification of key worldwide customers, estimates of the size of the competitor's piezo-electric solvent-based fluids ink development team, organizational structure pertaining to the sale and development of the inks, and partnership strategies with OEMs for its ink solutions.
Manufacturing Execution Software Competitive Analysis - This report details the pricing and licensing structures for the Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) from a leading provider of enterprise manufacturing execution and quality systems software sold to discrete manufacturing companies. The analysis includes information on key messaging and positioning, main perceived competition, strategic direction and future investments, and detailed pricing for the company's MES software, maintenance and support fees and options, and implementation fees and options.
Billboard Display Products Manufacturer Competitive Analysis - This report details the overall sales volume by market segment and US geographical region (e.g. Northeast, Southeast, Central, West, etc.) of the outdoor display products from a leading maker of add-on boards, message marquees, stack lights, operator interfaces, safety mat controllers, and other visual factory products. The analysis also describes the company's positioning strategy, sales force structure, corporate alliances, product pricing structure, and future technology focus.
Conductive Foam Manufacturer Competitive Analysis - Targeting a major manufacturer of conductive foam and other shielding products, this analysis looks at the product strategy for its EMI/RFI shielding materials and related products that are sold to the telecommunications, computer, electronics, networking equipment, aerospace, defense, and medical equipment industries.
Label Manufacturer Competitive Analysis - This report looks at a key manufacturer of customized pressure-sensitive labels, nameplates, overlay panels and other graphic identification products that primarily services original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers in the electronic, computer, medical and communications industries and serves both domestic and international customers. The report evaluates sales revenues and growth rates as well as mapping out the location and size of all key US and foreign plants and planned foreign plant locations.

Pipeline Scheduling/Management Competitive Analysis - This report looks at the marketing/sales strategies, sales operations, pricing, and implementation processes from a key developer of pipeline scheduling and management software sold to the oil and gas industry.
Garment Industry PDM/PLM Competitive Analysis - This is a highly detailed analysis of the PDM (Product Development Management) and PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) solutions offered by several competitors that serve the garment industry. The report contains detailed descriptions of competitor structure, marketing, pricing and revenue breakdown, application technical information for specific PDM and PLM products, and PDM/PLM functionality details.
Outdoor Display Systems Competitive Analysis - Targeting a major manufacturer of large programmable displays including stadium video displays ranging from small standard scoreboards to large complex display systems, this report details how the competitor segments its outdoor products (e.g. message centers, full matrix graphics boards, video boards, full color video boards, etc.), the competitor's strengths (e.g. technical, service, flexibility, management expertise, strategic direction, etc.) and weaknesses in the marketplace, and pricing and service programs.
Auto Exhaust Products Competitive Pricing Analysis - This analysis details the pricing structures including MRP and the volume discount structures offered to dealers, distributors, and end users off of list price by a key auto parts manufacturer's exhaust product line (e.g. mufflers, tubing, flex, clamps, etc.) sold to the after market for on-highway trucks or off-highway equipment.
Interconnect Manufacturer Product Development Process Competitive Analysis - This analysis provides a description of the approach and processes used by one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world to identify, evaluate and develop new products either for existing markets they participate in or for new market opportunities. The company designs, manufactures and markets electronic, electrical and fiber optic connectors, interconnect systems and coaxial and flat ribbon cable.
Custom Manufacturing Operating Structure Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the operating structure of manufacturers of custom products ranging from nameplates, decorative panels, product ID tags, and switch plates, to back lit overlays for instrumentation, touch controls, and key pads. Processes used to manufacture these products include diamond cutting, brushing, anodizing, etching, norlens, embossing, die cutting, and in-mold decorating. The report includes details on the structure of these manufacturer's sales force (both direct and through channels), sales force compensation, go-to-market strategy, and sales and operating profit estimates.
Connector Systems Manufacturer Competitive Analysis - This analysis examines the core strengths, weaknesses, primary strategic assets (e.g. patents, processes, brand value, etc.), prices, and manufacturing facility capacity utilization for a key manufacturer of connector products (elevator cables, TV connectors, wellhead connectors, connectors for railroad systems, and connectors for underwater, shipboard, and military applications).

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