Product Features and Weaknesses Sample Reports

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These sample reports are based on actual Rauch Associates custom research projects but have been abridged for simplicity and clarity. The information appearing in sample reports has been altered to obscure the identity of the actual companies and products involved in the study. With the exception of common products and operating systems, all data and company and product names are fictitious. For simplicity, the level of detail appearing in sample reports has also been reduced from that in the original studies.

The available sample reports relating to Product Features and Weaknesses studies are listed below.

Mobile Device and Application Management Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis regarding the mobile device and application management solutions from a leading supplier in the space. The analysis includes a description of the features/capabilities offered, development roadmap, how the competitor positions it MDM/MAM offering, and BYOD strategy.
SAN Storage System Competitive Analysis - This analysis examines the sales model, key selling points and differentiators, target markets and features and capabilities of the Storage Area Network (SAN) products from a set of major competitors. The report also examines product pricing, professional services offered to support the products, break/fix model, target markets and applications, and system performance associated with the products.
IT Service Management Competitive Analysis - Derived from a 150 page report that examined the feature/function details of an IT Service Management (ITSM) offering from a major software vendor, this sample report summarizes the original report version that included a 25-page Product Overview and Roadmap, a 15-page analysis of the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) capabilities of the offering, a service management platform features/capabilities section, a 17-page discovery technical product features/capabilities section, and features/capabilities sections on process technical capabilities, OMP integration, service catalog capabilities, and asset management technical capabilities.
Garment Industry PDM/PLM Competitive Analysis - This is a highly detailed analysis of the PDM (Product Development Management) and PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) solutions offered by several competitors that serve the garment industry. The report contains detailed descriptions of competitor structure, marketing, pricing and revenue breakdown, application technical information for specific PDM and PLM products, and PDM/PLM functionality details.
Configuration Management Software Competitive Feature Analysis - This report evaluates the feature details of the CMDB (Configuration Management Database) management offerings from each of several enterprise middleware competitors. The analysis drills down into the actual (as opposed to marketing hype) CMDB capabilities and offerings each competitor has in the key CMDB technology areas of federation, reconciliation, data model, and integration as well as assessing key competitive differentiators and how each competitor prices and packages its CMDB offering.
Inpatient Documentation Improvement Customer Survey Analysis - This report presents the interviews and analysis obtained from HIM Directors and Coding Managers at major hospitals that use or have recently considered various Inpatient Documentation Improvement solutions. The report provides a summary/analysis of interview results as well as a comprehensive listing of the actual text of all interviews including the name and position of each set of interviewees.
Risk and Compliance Management System Competitive Analysis - This analysis looks at the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) offering from a major risk and compliance management software vendor. The comprehensive report includes sections on customer base, pricing and contracts, detailed feature/function descriptions, future outlook, and a complete product demonstration with screen shots and associated descriptions.
LAN/Campus Product Feature and Pricing Analysis - Commissioned by a large LAN manufacturer, this report presents the results of an analysis to obtain information regarding the pricing and features of specified LAN/campus products from each of three competitors.
Internet Switching Products Competitive Analysis - This analysis examines the features and pricing of several high-end Internet network switches. In particular, the analysis focuses on specific feature comparisons, pricing, and service and support capabilities of the vendor that offers these switches.
Desktop PC Competitive Features Comparison - This analysis examines the features and pricing of the system offerings of several PC product vendors. In particular, the analysis focuses on specific feature comparisons, pricing, and service and support capabilities of these vendors.

Managed Security Services Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the Managed Security Services (MSS) offerings of a major competitor. The analysis includes details on customer base, pricing and contracts, features and functions, staffing and training, sales and channel strategy, and future outlook as well as details on the capacity, staffing, and failover capability of the competitor's Security Operations Centers (SOC's).
Pharmacy Management Systems Competitive Analysis - This report presents drill-down feature details of the pharmacy management software system product from a leading supplier of such systems. A subset of the original 150-page analysis, this sample outlines the detail in the report including separate sections on company information (revenues, growth rate, employee breakdown), product information (product structure, distribution strategy, installed base characteristics), technology details (platforms supported, technical requirements), as well as additional sections detailing central system functionality/information management, central solution accounting reporting, site use and functionality, long term care capabilities, and references and pricing.
Server Operating System Competitive Analysis - This report evaluates the pricing, product structure, licensing, warranty and support for a key system manufacturers proprietary operating system (OS) and corresponding and standalone layered software. The key functions and pricing of the OS based products are mapped and evaluated in comparison to corresponding client operating environment and standalone layered applications. The report provides feature function details in a variety of areas including the operating environment at the foundation, enterprise, mission-critical, and layered applications levels. In addition, drill down details are provided on product structure, features, licensing, pricing, and packaging, discounting and channels, and regional practices in each of the territories U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Latin America.
Service Impact and Event Management Software Competitive Analysis - This report details the Service Impact and Event Management (SIM) product components offered by a key middleware supplier to large enterprise customers. The analysis details US pricing structures and strategy (how the products are licensed such as per managed node, per operator/user, etc., standard list prices, discounting strategies and discount levels including typical street prices, quantity breaks and volume discounts, the extent to which certain products are bundled) along with the competitor's SIM solution positioning and messaging, architecture breakdown and key functionality, key product weaknesses, key differentiators, etc.
Data Storage Solutions Competitive Analysis - Targeting a leading full-line provider of unified enterprise storage solutions that deliver data management, a scalable storage infrastructure, data protection, and data access, this report takes a detailed look at the competitor's storage systems' availability features (e.g. single points of failure, system's cache mirroring implementation, how power failures are handled, etc.) and performance capabilities. The analysis also includes details on the software implementation that supports the storage systems, service and support, and future hardware and software plans.
Data Storage Products Competitive Analysis - This report details the pricing breakdowns for a series of specific SAN, NAS, and CAS data center array configurations of selected product models from a key data storage system competitor. In addition to detail line-item pricing for the storage systems themselves, the analysis includes the length of the no cost in-warranty maintenance period and line-item quotes for the software components necessary to operate the storage systems.
Printing System Competitive Analysis - Targeting a high-end printer system manufacturer that designs, develops and markets an integrated suite of applications designed to help organizations manage, store, distribute and produce digital documents, this analysis details the competitor's strengths and weaknesses including an assessment of what makes them unique in the marketplace, sales force is structure, sales volumes, and key printer system product feature details and capabilities.
System Management Feature, Structure, and Pricing Analysis - This report compares the features, structures and pricing of competing system management software applications available from three solution vendors. The report includes in-depth information regarding specific, detailed product features, overall product structure, integration among product components, distribution and pricing.

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