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These sample reports are based on actual Rauch Associates custom research projects but have been abridged for simplicity and clarity. The information appearing in sample reports has been altered to obscure the identity of the actual companies and products involved in the study. With the exception of common products and operating systems, all data and company and product names are fictitious. For simplicity, the level of detail appearing in sample reports has also been reduced from that in the original studies.

The available sample reports relating to Channel Structure and Programs studies are listed below.

Partner Relations and Organization Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis regarding the partner engagement organization, partner incentives and relationship with key ISV partners of a major computer server manufacturer. The analysis describes the nature of the company's server ISV and SI partner engagement organization, including this organization's structure and overall staffing levels as well as revenue and ROI/success metrics. The report also discusses joint marketing and sales programs that are being offered to key partners, what development activities are carried out in these key partner relationships, and what incentives are offered to partners including how these incentives are structured and priced.
Competitor Channel Partner Supplier Criteria Analysis - This analysis presents the results of a survey to obtain information regarding the issues and criteria used by the key channel partners of server/storage competitors to determine which storage and/or server products the partners prefer to offer, which suppliers they prefer to work with, and why. Key decision makers at a representative worldwide sample of channel partner organizations in each of the territories, North America, Europe, and APAC were asked to rank the relative importance of the key factors that lead them to select the vendor they partner with including ranking the relative importance of areas such as competitiveness of the supplier’s product line, revenue/profit opportunity from the resale of the supplier’s products and services, partner experience/perception of the ease of doing business with the supplier, and value/importance of the promotional programs, sales leads, etc. that the supplier provides to the partners.
Enterprise Software US Channel Supply Chain Pricing Competitive Analysis - This analysis documents the pricing and compensation structure offered to enterprise software competitors through the reseller and distribution channel and includes tabulated details on product MSRP and manufacturers discount structure, average street price, costs and benefits typically offered to distributors (e.g. disti cost, margin, ASP, manufacturer’s rebates, MDF funds offered, SPIFF program offerings) as well as costs and benefits typically offered to resellers (e.g. typical street price, customer rebates, vendor rebate, MDF, Deal Reg, SPIFF, etc.)
International Distribution Channels Competitive Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of information on distribution channels for selected Application Mining software products for the North American (U.S. and Canada) and European (France, Germany and the UK) territories. The analysis includes VAR requirements, a description of the nature and pricing of technical support, training, and development tools provided to each VAR, and channel pricing information.
Channel Management Competitive Analysis - Commissioned by a major connectivity ISV, this study analyzes the channel management practices, policies and programs for two major competitors in the connectivity arena. Specifically, the report identifies and assesses the various types of licensing, marketing, promotion and support programs offered by these key suppliers.

Channel Based Software Support Competitive Analysis - This report details the worldwide overall software support offered through channel partners in each of four regions (Americas, EMEA, APAC, and Japan) by major competitors that design and develop enterprise system management solutions. The analysis includes descriptions of how each competitor regulates access to and use of online support/services knowledge resources by partners and their end-users, the value and effectiveness of online information and collaboration systems/tools used by each competitor and its partners including how each competitor’s partners evaluate the effectiveness of the systems and tools that the competitor supplies to them, the support and service sales and delivery roles performed by each competitor’s channel partners, and each competitor’s reseller program compensation models, drivers, and incentives for channel partners.
Partner Programs Competitive Analysis - This analysis describes the partner programs related to Threat, Security, and/or Data Storage Backup Management products from a leading software supplier. The competitor's channel programs and strategies (including rebate offers, dealer incentives, partner compensation plans, names of top partners, etc.) are evaluated along with a comparative matrix summarizing the competitor’s partner programs relative to those of a client and highlighting the key benefits/differences of each partner program (e.g. including different partner levels such as Platinum, Gold, etc.). The report also details the competitor’s internal channel organization structure including how internal channel management and channel sales rep staff are allocated to provide regional coverage (e.g. in North America, EMEA, and APAC), the number of people each competitor has in its channel management/channel rep staff in each region, and an assessment of the average sales quota each channel sales rep has.
Network Software Competitive Channel Program Analysis - Commissioned by a major software company, this analysis examines the channel programs, pricing discounts structures, and margins offered to resellers for selected host and network management software.
Competitive Channel Policy and Program Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the channel structure, pricing and programs, and degree of reseller satisfaction among several competitors within the Graphical Interface Systems (GIS) applications software market. It includes information regarding channel models used, VAR training requirements, channel programs and channel strategies.
Competitive Networking Products Business Profile Analysis - This report presents the results of an analysis of the channel prices, breakdown, and polices for a variety of network equipment vendors, focusing on specific networking product offerings of each competitor and including tabular pricing matrices indicating the manufacturer’s suggested list price, the general “street price”, the price offered to distribution, the reseller price as a function of volume, and OEM pricing as a function of volume.

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